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Bozeman North 7th Ave Urban Renewal Board
  • Making Connections



    The Design and Connectivity Plan for the N. 7th Avenue Corridor envisions "gateway" type improvements for key intersections to define and enhance the character of N. 7th Avenue.

  • Improving Landscapes



    New light fixtures are proposed for the corridor to enhance its character and define it as a destination for Bozeman area residents and visitors.

  • Building Communities



    Modest intersection improvements delineate areas of refuge for pedestrians and contribute to an enhanced aesthetic experience.

  • Recent Improvements



    Sidewalk and landscaping improvements within the corridor are ongoing. This sitting wall and enhanced pedestrian area at the northwest corner of Oak Street and N. 7th Avenue gives the community its first glance of the improvements the Board hopes to implement throughout the corridor.

New Midtown Incentive Program

The Midtown TIF Assistance Program provides competitive incentives to cover costs related to public infrastructure, impact fees, and demolition and removal of structures to make way for redevelopment. Check out the program guidelines and application. Applications for fiscal year 2017 will be accepted starting March 1, 2017 and will be accepted until April 30, 2017. 

Midtown Urban Renewal District

The North Seventh Urban Renewal District was recently expanded and renamed the Bozeman Midtown Urban Renewal District. 

Friendly Form-based Zoning for Urban Density Mixed Land Uses

The Midtown Urban Renewal Board sponsored the creation of streamlined form-based zoning districts to ease the implementation of the community vision for Midtown. Find out more about the Community Commercial – Mixed (B-2M) and Residential High Density – Mixed (R-5) zoning designations.

About Bozeman’s North 7th Avenue Urban Renewal District

In November 2006, the City of Bozeman designated a Tax Increment Finance (TIF) District, under which incremental increases in taxes due to redevelopment are accumulated in a TIF fund. The expenditure of this fund is guided by the N. 7th Avenue Design and Connectivity Plan (District Plan) and the Blight Report adopted by the Bozeman City Commission in 2005.This Plan is the city’s response to remedy the conditions of blight found in the August 2005 Blight Report through thoughtful redevelopment of the Corridor. A basic goal is to have an active and exciting corridor that is attractive with a distinct character. A strategy for achieving this goal is to improve the experience for the user by creating safe attractive walkways, streets and by providing buildings and landscaping that are of interest to users and passersby.

First Phase of N. 7th Lighting Improvements Complete Home

The North 7th Urban Renewal Board is pleased to announce the completion of the first phase of the North 7th Avenue Lighting Improvement project.  The project replaced outdated street lights with new decorative ‘Bobcat Blue’ colored lights between the I-90 overpass and Juniper Street. (read more) 



The District Board

Decisions about District projects are made by a nine-member Board of five voting members and four non-voting members who are appointed by the City Commission. The N. 7th Avenue Urban Renewal Board (NSURB) is comprised of business owners and residents within the District and others supportive of implementing the District Plan.


The Board meets at 4:30 PM on the first Thursday of every month in the Madison Conference Room located upstairs in Bozeman City Hall, 121 N. Rouse Ave.  (Corner of Rouse and Lamme)



North 7th Urban Renewal Board  •  20 East Olive Street •  Bozeman, MT 59715 • (406) 582-2274