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Bozeman North 7th Ave Urban Renewal Board

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N. 7th Urban Renewal District Featured in The Bozeman Magpie

Bozeman’s Economic Promise Land

It’s a few short hops from my home to Bozeman’s North Seventh Avenue. But for a small pinch on the city map–just six doors down–the differences are drastic. Sturdy trees along our street drop off like a diving board before a massive pool of concrete. Mid-century, Victorian homes stand behind a patchwork row of low-rent peddlers and vacant windows. Ugly buildings prevail around highway-wide lanes of continuous traffic, and swimming the waters between the curbs is unnecessarily risky. Drivers yield as infrequently as sharks. “Ragged” is how the mayor describes the corridor…Full article (you are now leaving the NSURB website)

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