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Light Fixture Selection Updated

 Light Fixture Selection UpdatedAt their July 12th monthly meeting, the NSURB voted to change the light fixture scheduled for installation this fall. They chose to abandon the “hook style” fixture for a more traditional style. The installation of the new fixtures and related sidewalk improvements are being funded by the NSURB.

In related news, the City Commission will consider a resolution of intent (Res. No. 4388) for the modification of the existing Special Improvement Lighting District (SILD) 460. The property owners at the north end of SILD 460 would pay a higher assessment for the new street lights installed in their portion of the lighting district. Currently, property owners in this district pay $1.03 per lineal foot of their property frontage. Those property owners in the modified portion, between Oak Street and Juniper Street, would pay $1.25 per lineal foot if the modification is adopted. Final adoption of the modification is scheduled for City Commission consideration on August 6th, 2012.

The City Commission will consider the chosen color for the light fixtures on July 23rd, 2012.

Please call Keri Thorpe, Assistant Planner, if you have questions: 582-2260.


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