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NSURB Requesting Amendment to their FY2013 Budget

Monday, October 15th, the Bozeman City Commission will hear a request from the NSURB to amend their FY2013 budget. The plan to install 33 new fixtures between Juniper Street and the south side of the I-90 interchange is still on track to begin this fall, but the bids came in higher than what the NSURB had budgeted.  The NSURB has proposed moving funds from the N7Rehab Grant program into Lighting and Gateway improvements. The increase in construction and installation costs are being paid with Tax Increment Finance (TIF) funding. If the budget amendment is approved, the City will then be able to award the bid and begin concrete work this fall. Installation of the lights may occur as early as December, weather permitting. N7Rehab grant money is still available.  For more detailed information read FY13 NSURB Budget Amendment Request.


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