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N. 7th Avenue Zone Code Analysis Underway

In November, the NSURB selected Clarion Associates, Inc. to evaluate the zoning and design standards for N. 7th Avenue. With the goal of creating an improved zone code, the NSURB hopes to aid in the redevelopment of the corridor.

Cameron Gloss with Clarion Associates, Inc. has been conducting an analysis of the corridor to evaluate opportunities for improving the existing code. One suggestion thus far is to compile N. 7th Avenue development standards into one document. Currently, design standards for N. 7th Avenue are spread over four different City documents making it onerous for someone seeking to redevelop a parcel along N. 7th Avenue.

Mr. Gloss is also analyzing the potential for creating a performance based zone code. The foundation of such a code would include goals outlined in the District plan and priorities established by the NSURB. The hope is to create a code that allows developers to make improvements that advance the District plan and enhance the site at the same time. Many N. 7th Avenue property owners want to improve their properties but find that they have too many substandard conditions to tackle. 

Currently, the NSURB has identified pedestrian facility improvements, street lighting and landscaping as their top priorities. 

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