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Bozeman North 7th Ave Urban Renewal Board

Current Projects

First Phase of North 7th Lighting Improvements Complete

 Current Projects

The North 7th Urban Renewal Board is pleased to announce the completion of the first phase of the North 7th Avenue Lighting Improvement project.  The project replaced outdated street lights with new decorative ‘Bobcat Blue’ colored lights between the I-90 overpass and Juniper Street.

The City Urban Renewal Board partnered with Montana State University and coordinated MSU themed “Welcome to Bozeman” banners to be added to some of the new decorative lights.  All banners were generously donated by the University. 

The intent of the project is to help revitalize the North 7th Avenue Corridor as the one of City’s primary gateways by establishing a distinct identity for the corridor, define key intersections, and improve vehicular and pedestrian safety.  The Board hopes to continue with future phases of improvements so that eventually the new decorative street lights continue all the way to Main Street.

“The North 7th Lighting Improvement project is the North 7th Urban Renewal Board’s priority until the entire corridor receives the benefit of updated, good looking street lights.  The Board appreciates all the support from local businesses that allowed the first phase of improvements to be completed and looks forward to working with additional businesses along the corridor as future phases are implemented,” said North 7th Urban Renewal Board’s Vice-Chair Carl Solvie. 

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