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Bozeman North 7th Ave Urban Renewal Board

Past Projects

 Past ProjectsBozeman North 7th Urban Renewal Past Projects

Uhaul Sidewalk Improvements
are Complete!

On September 26, 2011, the Bozeman City Commission approved an amendment to the NSURB’s annual work plan and budget to include a $50,000 grant for sidewalk and landscaping improvements in the public right of way in front of Uhaul. The project was completed November 23rd creating a safer and more enjoyable environment for pedestrians on N. 7th Avenue.



Bus Shelter Past Projects

The recent completion of the bus shelter brings an added and little known benefit to the District – a 10% reduction in the required number of parking spaces for the properties within 800 feet of the shelter. Should a property owner decide to redevelop their parcel they’ll have the option to take the reduction. Click here to see map of  affected properties.



Sidewalk Improvments

In 2010, Phase I sidewalk improvements were completed greatly improving pedestrian facilities in the District. For decades, sections of N. 7th Avenue have lacked sidewalks. The well trodden paths across these properties have been replaced with new six foot wide sidewalks making it easier for pedestrians to access businesses along the corridor. Past Projects

These improvements were made possible by the property owners who generously granted public access easements across their properties:

Landscaping and sitting walls were constructed and five foot wide landscaped boulevards were installed between the walkway and curb. The landscaped boulevard provides a buffer between pedestrians and vehicles and also migates snow removal issues during winter. 


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