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Bozeman North 7th Ave Urban Renewal Board


About Midtown TIF Assistance Incentive Program

“I’ve been trying to locate a store in Bozeman for 5 years,
and I’ve always wanted to be on N. 7th Avenue.
This grant helps a lot.”

-Hilliard Thornton, Aaron’s Owner

Program Objectives

The primary objective of the TIF assistance program is to encourage investment in development and redevelopment of commercial and mixed use property within the District in accordance with the provisions of the Montana Urban Renewal Law (7-15-4209, 7-15-4233, and 7-15-4288, M.C.A.). Additional District objectives are to:

The grants are awarded at the discretion of the Board as authorized by the Bozeman City Commission, based upon review of the Applicant’s compliance with program objectives, eligibility requirements, and eligible construction activities. The Program is authorized by City Commission Resolution 4770, as amended January 23, 2017.

Program Guidelines and Application Forms


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