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Bozeman North 7th Ave Urban Renewal Board


Bozeman N7Rehab Grant Program

Incentives to Redevelop N. 7th Avenue

Through N7Rehab, NSURB provides grants to foster voluntary rehabilitation of eligible commercial properties for the elimination of blight in the North 7th Avenue Corridor. Assistance is available for construction activities such as 1) demolition, 2) facade/site improvements (including but not limited to façade enhancements, signage, and landscaping) and 3) streetscape enhancements for existing age obsolescent developments in the North 7th Urban Renewal District. Technical Assistance funding is also available for professional services such as site planning, engineering and surveying. 

N7Rehab Technical Assistance Grants are available for the following:

Grants are also available to offset construction activities. Eligible construction activities are those that eliminate or reduce blight and/or implement the District’s Plan.

N7Rehab Construction Grants – Eligible Activities

The grant review process is done in conjunction with a plan review through the Bozeman Department of Planning and Community Development. For Technical Assistance Grants an Informal Review is required. For Construction Eligible Activities, a Sketch Plan or Site Plan Review is required.

N7Rehab is a reimbursement program. Funds are not paid until all grant requirements are fulfilled. Construction activities must be completed and accepted by City staff before funds will be release.

To view guiding documents and applications click the link below:

Application Materials

*Please note: Grants made under the N7 Technical Assistance and N7 Rehabilitation programs must use vendors, consultants or contractors selected in a manner consistent with the City of Bozeman’s purchasing policy. Technical Assistance Grants that cannot demonstrate competitive selection of architectural or engineering firms will be capped at $5,000.  For questions about the policy and selecting your project team, please contact David Fine in the Economic Development Office at 406-582-2973. 

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